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Cycling routes


The bike routes are designated bike routes on existing forest and public roads. They can also be used as walkways. The trails are marked within a network of bicycle routes in western Serbia. The routes are designed, marked and equiped in cooperation with the RDA Zlatibor and STC Bajina Bašta. One route is marked within UNDP/GEF grant. There is a printed map of Western Serbia biking routes – Zlatibor – Mokra Gora – Tara.

The maps are also available at www.mapa.iz.rs

Zlatibor-Mokra Gora-Mitrovac (47,5km); this route is the best way to get from Zlatibor to Tara and vice versa. The route, which is 48 km long, follows the ridge with gentle ascents and descents. The height difference between the highest and the lowest point is just over 500m, and in whichever direction you go the total ascent is 3600m. The route is regional in character and besides linking Zlatibor and Tara, within the trail there are good road links to Mokra Gora, Bosnia, Kremna, Užice, Kosjerić, Bajina Bašta and other places.

The high Tara (Šljivovica - Borjak - Beserovačke bare - Lokvica - Osluša - Sokolina - Rustine – Šljivovica 28,8km); this route will take you through the heart of the mountain Tara within a shorter circular orbit of 26 km but you will not be deprived from seeing the beauty and diversity of this beautiful mountain, and in particular, you will be introduced to its high altitude, high pine trees, towering cliffs which hold beautiful viewpoints. The highest point on this route is 1380 meters and the total climb 1183 meters. The route can be ridden in either direction, but the opposite direction is more difficult due to the ascent on the last third of the route. The roads are mostly forest and grave.

The Empress Tara (Kaluđerske bare - Dobro polje - Ljuto polje - Tankosin Grob - Mitrovac - Rastište - Perućačko jezero – Perućac 42km). The mountain Tara is the empress among the mountains in Serbia. If you want to see the whole of Tara, this is the best route to take. On the route Kaluđerske bare - Mitrovac - Rastište – Perućac, you will see the most beautiful and most diverse treasures of Tara: spacious gentle meadows with a spark of high pine trees in a remote area, dense wildwood, breathtaking cliffs and amazing views that extend throughout the Balkans. The large height difference of 851 meters between the starting point at Kaluđerska ponds and the end point at Perućac guarantees the cyclists lots of fun. The total ascent of this route is 1731 meters and the total descent 2537 meters. The first 15 km of the route, up to Tankosin Grave, is mostly a gentle climb and further starts lowering. The route can be driven in the opposite direction, but it is much more difficult. The route is designed as an all-day activity; the average recreational cyclist takes about eight hours to cross. There are no technically demanding sections. The surface is 65 % macadam and the rest is asphalt. This route is marked under the UNDP/GEF grant.


Bike rental

All nature lovers who want to visit the Tara National Park on bicycles can rent a bicycle equipment in the NP Tara Visitors Centre at Mitrovac.



 - 1 hour  - 200.00 dinars,

- daily rent 800.00 dinars.


We currently have 16 bikes:

- Polar blizzard lady - 2 pieces

- Polar Mirage Pro Eco - 5 pieces

- Polar Mirage Team - 4 pieces

- Cross S'cape - 5 pieces




National Park Tara

The Tara area was declared National Park on 13 July 1981 on the total surface of 24.991,82 ha..