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Viewpoints in the National Park Tara are the most attractive touristic points and the best way to experience the park.

Viewpoints on Tara Mt. are countless, and most of them are hardly accessible, but the most beautiful, fortunately can be easily accessed. There are five sites equipped and safe for tourists - Crnjeskovo, Osluša, Banjska stena, Sjenič (Vitmirovac), Bilješka stena. From these points you will see beautiful and memorable panoramas.




Crnjeskovo viewpoint in the area of Kaludjerske Bare is located below the monastery chapel “Serbian Saints synod”. From the center of Kaludjerske Bare footpath follows the gravel road to the mentioned chapel (after approximately 2.7 km). Then turn right and after 650 m through the forest you will reach the lookout. The trail is easy and well marked, but you should be careful even if there is a protective fence. You have a view to the Sokolina, Raca Gorge, Rača monastery, Bajina Bašta and the Drina valley.


Osluša viewpoint is a peaceful and spacious site 8 km from Mitrovac - after 6 km road to Kaludjerske Bare, turn left and after 2 km of gravel road you will reach this point). Site is equipped with a wooden gazebo, benches and tables, as well as information boards. There is also a large polygon for paragliding. Osluša is easily accessible lookout, overlooking the Drina River, Bosnia and Bajina Bašta.



Banjska stena is the most visited site in Tara National Park, located 6 km from Mitrovac. Its name comes after the name of spring, which was located at the foot of mountain. Below the viewpoint is 1300 m long scree, down which the timbers were dropped down to the Drina River. Trees were used for timber rafting - one of the cheapest methods of log transportation from a forest downstream to sawmills. Today the scree is overgrown with characteristic vegetation. Banjska stena is very popular site, with a protective fence on two levels and a panorama of the Drina river canyon and its steep cliffs, Perucac Lake and gentle slopes of Bosnia. Forest road goes to the viewpoint, perfect footpath or bicycle path, equipped with wooden benches and an information boards.


Sjenič (Vitmirovac) viewpoint is located in the area of the Crni Vrh Mt., 5.5 km south from Predov Krst and only 100 m from the forest road. This is the highest equipped belvedere in the National Park Tara with a dominating 12 m high wooden watchtower. From this point you will see Rastište village, the Derventa gorge, Perućac Lake, Aluga and Serbian spruce stands and wooded massif of Tara Mt.


Bilješka stena viewpoint is located in the area of ​​Zvezda Mt., about 6 km north of Predov Krst. From NP Tara administration office at Predov Krst educational trail follows the forest road and takes us to this site. Viewpoint is a habitat to the Serbian spruce, one of the most important species of the park, also there are centuries-old pines, mixed forests of deciduous and conifer trees and characteristic canyon vegetation. From this point you can see the high limestone slopes of the beautiful Drina River canyon, chamois on the rocks, eagles in flight, or to listen birdsong.

Across the river Drina, you can see Klotijevac, the medieval fortress in Bosnia or even older Sase mine. This site is equipped with wooden furniture, benches and tables, as well with the famous hut from the movie "Some Birds Can’t Fly ".

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