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Hiking trails


Total length of the 25 marked hiking trails is over 220 km. Five of them are educational paths with information boards, benches and gazebos. You can get information about hiking trails and buy map of Tara NP hiking trails at Visitors and Info Centers.

The western branch of European long distance path E7 (from Canary Islands over Portugal, Spain, Andorra, France, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania/Serbia to Bulgaria) goes through National Park Tara in total length of 63 km (Kremna – K. Bare – Sokolina – Osluša – Mitrovac- M. Batura – Karaklije – Marići – Lazići – Đurići).


 Tips for safe mountaineering:

  • Wear comfortable hiking shoes and appropriate clothes.
  • Keep a change of clothes and some protection from rain and cold in yours rucksack.
  • Do not take the paths you do not know, or get sufficient information to be equipped for the challenge.
  • Do not overestimate your capabilities.


Educational Hiking path "Rača" starts from the Rača monastery and goes 2 km up the right bank of the river with the same name, all the way to Lađevac spring and “Skit of St. George” dating from the 17th century. The path is easy and equipped with information boards, benches, gazebos and tables. After the gravel road (600 m), the trail goes through the forests of beech, hornbeam and alder and goes up to Lađevac spring (498 meters asl), which has a constant temperature of 17 °C. It is believed that the water from this spring helps in the treatment of skin and eye diseases.

Educational Hiking path "Jarevac" starts from Kaludjerske Bare (1055 meters asl) and goes 1.3 km down the stream with the same name. Adjoining is the 3000 meter-long hiking trail that leads to Jarevac pond. In some places the terrain is watered and adequate footwear is recommended.

Educational Hiking path "Tepih-livada" (meaning: Carpet meadow) begins at the entrance to the Nature Reserve "Red Creek" and runs 550 m through the scenic homonymous forest-peat. The terrain is flat and equipped with information boards, however with certain restrictions. Consultation with officials of the national park is recommended. 

Educational Hiking path "Banjska Stena" is 6 km long and starts from the entrance to the Reserve "Red Creek" at Mitrovac and follows a gravel road to the lookout point that has the same name. Along the trail, there are information boards describing bears, Tara plant species and its forest ecosystems, with many benches and two equipped rest areas with gazebos.

Educational Hiking path "Bilješka stena" is a 6 km-long recreational and educational hiking trail that follows the gravel road from Predov krst (1080 meters asl) to the viewpoint "Bilješa stena". It is equipped with five information boards about the flora and fauna of the national park and goes through a mixed community of fir, spruce and beech, the most preserved and most valuable tree species of Tara.


Eco tours

Peony Eco tour - Predov Krst - Božurna – it is held in early May, 15 days during the flowering of paeonia (peony). The national park Tara organizes the first eco tour walk, sightseeing and photographing the peonies with the interpretation of a naturalist guide at the Božurna site on the Zvijezda mountain, 5km from Predov Krst. The flowering of peonies is a unique phenomenon at Tara and it lasts only a few days in a year. Eco tour Peony is a one-day tour for a group of 10-15 environmentally responsible tourists. Contact and registration on the phone +381 31 863644, +381 64 8475306

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