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Fishing and hunting

Fishing and hunting

Fishing waters of NP Tara in which fishing is allowed are Lake Perućac and Zaovine Lake. Lake Spajići has specific fishing rules and is rarely an attractive fishing destination. In the waters of NP Tara large specimens of catfish, carp, pike, and trout are caught. The lake is characterized by a rich amount of carp fish. There is a possibility of renting a fishing boat with a fishing guide to escort you through the entire fishing area of the NP Tara.



Hunting in NP Tara is organized according to plan documents and strict rules. To be able to hunt you have to have a necessary license that is issued by the Department for the protection and promotion of hunting and fishing of the Tara NP. The facility that is arranged to fulfill the needs of hunters is located on Predov Krst and close by are hunting areas which can be easily reached.


For hunting and fishing licence contact:

Hunting: The service for protection and promotion hunting and fishing,

Milan Malinić, manager, +381 31 863644, +381 64 8475219, milan.malinic@nptara.rs

Fishing: Siniša Jevtić,+381 31 863644, +381 64 8475220, sinisa.jevtic@nptara.rs


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