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For business partners, colleagues, scientific associates and other visitors, the JP “National Park Tara” offers accommodation in the Foresters’ Hut at Mitrovac. In this motel of 220m2, there are two three-bed rooms, four double rooms and an apartment with 4-6 beds. Comfortable accommodation in the Foresters’ Hut is completed with catering of a public owned “Kačara” restaurant. A large open-air restaurant is a favorite inn for all visitors to Mitrovac.

The old foresters’hut at Račanska Šljivovica is used by the JP „National Park Tara” and transformed into a modern new learning and information center. This building of 200m2 surface is located 5 km from Kaludjerske bare up the road to Mitrovac. It has got a technically completely furnished large multi-purpose room and four apartments with 14 beds altogether. The center is mostly intended for the participants of the „ Junior rangers’ camp and the representatives of the media, but also for all other people interested in gaining and completing their knowledge about the NP Tara.”

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