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Accessibility trail

'Owl's Forest Classroom' - the first trail for disabled persons in Serbia has been opened on Mitrovac in Tara National Park in 2014. The path was constructed and arranged within the framework of the project called 'Tara for everyone' financed by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

'Owl's Forest Classroom' has been imagined as a site where all the visitors can rest and learn about natural values of the Park via educational panels without any limits. Educational trail is situated in spruce and fir tree forest near Children's resort Mitrovac in Tara and Tara National Park visitors center. 

Length: 400 m
Width: 1.8 m
Area: 900 m2

Accessibility for disabled persons is reflected through solid base of the path, elevation from 2 to 5%, wooden mobiliary that has been designed universally, tactile boards and three entrances from asphalted areas. This trail is equipped with five resting points with five benches, six sets of tables with benches and six educational and informative panels. 

The trail has been designed and arranged with great aid of National organization of persons with disabilities of Serbia. Traces of animals in Tara National Park (wolf, bear, chamois and otter) and shapes of leaves and fruits of characteristic species of trees (oak, ash, maple and beech) are topics of tactile boards. Those boards are made of wood caved in woodwork with names of species in brass-plates, written in Braille alphabet.

A board with tactile relief of Tara National Park in which visitors can find out the most important sites in the Park has also been placed.

Educational boards are dedicated to bird species, plants, trees and forests of Tara. Those significant species have been represented with photos and pictures and convenient text.



The aim of the project is to benefit the sustainable development of Tara National Park by improvement of tourist facilities and production of the Business plan for sustainable financing of Tara National Park. The project financing is ensured within the framework of grant of UNDP/GEF ''Support to sustainable financing of protected areas' systems in Serbia''. Along the improvement of tourist facilities, this project has an accentuated social dimension because it will increase the approach to Tara National Park to disabled persons.

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