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The pilot management plan for NATURA 2000 for Tara National Park was developed under the Twinning Project „Strengthening Administrative Capacities for Protected Areas in Serbia (NATURA 2000)”. Project was developed in a partnership between the Ministry of Environment, Mining and Spatial Planning of Serbia and the Environment Agency Austria together with the European Public Law Center from Greece. The Twinning project has contributed to the harmonization of the Serbian legislation with the EU nature directives (Birds and Habitats Directive) which will be implemented in national law. Furthermore, a proposal for the establishment of the Natura 2000 network in accordance with EU criteria will be prepared. NATURA 2000 is a different conservation system in comparison to the system of national protected areas in Serbia. Management plans in NATURA 2000 sites will clarify which objectives are important and how they will be achieved. Therefore the development of two pilot management plans for NATURA 2000 areas in Serbia should show how conservation objectives can be developed and how people who are living and working in these areas can participate on the management process. 

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