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Geology and geomorphology


Various geomorphologic forms are established in NP Tara, some of which have been widely represent­ed, such as caves, bays, sinkholes, combs, canyons and gorges. NP Tara is characterized by many attractive topographical forms, among which canyons and gorg­es, stand out for their uniqueness and beauty. Among them the most prominent is the canyon of the Drina river, 38 km long and 1000m deep, which marks the Park' s north and northwest borders. Towering limestone walls, tn places over 1000 metres high, form its valley. The area of NP Tara has great diversity of lithological com­positions, which is a proof of its long and tumultu­ous geological history. There are igneous, metamor­phic and sedimentary rocks, that started forming in the Paleozoic period. 

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