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Villages and people

Adminis­tratively the territory of the national park belongs to the municipality Bajina Bašta, with 9 cadastral mu­nicipalities. In the scope of NP Tara, several settlements still re­main, namely villages Jagoštica and Rastište, Jasikovi­ca hamlet (village Solotuša) and Čokić hamlet (village Rača). These villages are of scattered hilly-mountain type, established on the cleared land between woods. They are spread throughout the territory of the park, at elevations ranging from 410 to 1000 m above the sea level. The areas of the villages of Jagoštica and Rastište are entirely within the national park perimeters. Spa­tially very dispersed village Rastište has 304 residents and presents the largest and most widespread village in the park. Jagoštica village, with only 65 inhabit­ants, is located on the mountain Zvijezda, and spans elevations from 800 to 1000 m above the sea level. It is surrounded on three sides by natural reserves, and is bounded by the Drina canyon to the north and the west.

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