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MEDS Tara 2015 - ground zero

MEDS Tara 2015 is an event that will gather 300 young designers (and people with a specific interest in design) from around the world with a collective mission to create objects from natural materials, responding to Tara National Park.

During the first two weeks of August 2015, teams of participants will have the task of collaborating to create different products from previously defined briefs. These interventions will be performed in specific locations around Mitrovac, and within the National Park.  Project locations will be no further than 5km in radius from Mitrovac. Projects could be made in the Mitrovac field and than transferred to specify locations.

The number of people involved in a project will be defined by each project's particular requirements.

Projects and locations will be sensitive to the National Park's needs. Proposed projects will be realized mostly using locally available materials – predominantly timber. Each group will be assigned a certain amount of timber, depending on the project itself.

Project locations will be no further than 5km from Mitrovac. Projects could be constructed in the Mitrovac field and then transferred to specific locations.

Projects could include reimagined: benches, fences, tables, viewpoints, feeding points for animals, sculptures, frames, road signs, info points...

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