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Traffic connection

Traffic connection

The shortest route from Belgrade to Tara is via Valjevo and Bajina Bašta, which is 180 km long. From Novi Sad to Tara the trip is 246 km long, and you can go via Valjevo or Drina river Valley.

The nearest railway station is on the mountain Tara in Braneško Polje which is on the railway route Belgrade - Bar.

Another important access route is the road that connects Tara and Zlatibor and leads on to Užice over Kremna.

Besides with your own car, you can reach Tara with buses that depart from Belgrade several times a day and drive to Hotela Omorika. It can also be reached with buses lines from Novi Sad. There are bues from Bajina Bašta to Tara.

Transport information is available by phone: +381 31 865485 and +381 31 866 700 Bus stations of Bajina Bašta and Belgrade on the phone: +381 11 2627146.

The nearest railway station is in Užice, from where you can continue your trip to Bajina Bašta and Tara.

Ponikve airport is under reconstruction.

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