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In addition to educational activities (multimedia presentations, workshops, environmental dates celebration) that are implemented in our Visitors centers with young people of all ages National Park Tara also organizes eco camps:


Junior Ranger Camp is project of the European National Parks and Protected Areas Association (Europarc Federation) which brings together parks from 38 countries. Within this association has been established special association of young rangers (JUNIOR RANGER) where we belong since 2006., as the promoters of the project in Serbia.

Tara National Park organizes a Junior Ranger camp since 2006. So far the camp was attended by more than 500 children from Serbia and montenegro. The camp is organized in groups of 12 participants - children aged 7-15 years, trough the following activities:

- Guided field tours (important localities, educational trails,...)

- Training in different scouts skills

- Education (presentations and lectures on natural, cultural, historical and traditional values ​​Tara National Park)

- Creative work (games, workshops, socializing....)

Each group of "Junior Ranger Camp" for daily activities has instructors (Park Rangers), also Junior rangers are followed by the teacher who takes care of them during the Camp, 24 hours a day. Children are insured, also medical care is provided.

We are very proud of the participation of our campers, the sixth International Youth Meeting EUROPARC Rangers, held in Austria 2007. year.



The aim of the Pangaea Expedition is to take global youth to the most beautiful places on earth, taking youngsters out of their comfort-zone, inviting them for an adventure of a life-time and establishing the foundation of all eco-minded decision, the emotional connection to nature. As much as this description represents the Pangaea Project it represents the Pangaea EcoCamp that took place in Serbia in 2012. and 2013. The next camp is in summer 2014.

The aim camp is to bring students from 6th and 7th grade and high schools from Kraljevo to Serbia’s most beautiful national park, named Tara. During two week of adventure the students will be undertaking a wide range of activities that will help them connect to the environment and spend an unforgettable time in nature. Among many other exciting actions the kids will do some rafting, treasure hunt, night-hikes and fire-bred in the evenings.

Alongside all the adventurous activities there will also be several educational parts. These will entail activities such as visiting a local farm, learning about nature by local park rangers and several games in nature that will teach the kids relevant facts about the forest and its inhabitants. Also the aim of camp is to make peer leaders that are ready to take responsibility.

Toward nature, JP National park Tara