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Welcome to official presentation of National Park Tara.

About Tara NP

Mt Tara was declared a National park in 1981 with the total area of 19.175 ha.

Mountain Tara belongs to internal Dinarides and it is part of Serbian Vlach mountains. It is located In the far West of Serbia in encompassing area bounded by the Drina River between Visegrad and Bajina Basta. In the narrowest part of the mountain massif Mt Zvijezda was placed and it is naturally separated from Mt Tara by Canyon of Derventa River. Looking by altitudes, Tara is medium-high mountain, with an mean altitude of 1,000-1,200 meters above sea level. The highest peak is Kozji (Goat) rid with high of 1,591 meters. Read more

Visitors centers

In Tara NP Visitors centers You can get all necessary information, advice from forest rangers, brochures, maps and video presentations and souvenirs.

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  • Tara Marathon 2014 ®
    25 March 2014 by Ranko, in Вести
    Tara Marathon 2014 ®
    „Tara Marathon 2014 ®” is the second edition of mountain race through the mountain and National...
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  • Englishman in Serbia
    25 March 2014 by Ranko, in Вести
    Englishman in Serbia
    Martin Newman explores a relatively undiscovered Balkan nation that’s going up in all departments...
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  • NP Tara on The Mundologia Festival
    25 March 2014 by Ranko, in Вести
    NP Tara on The Mundologia Festival
    The Mundologia Festival for travel presentations and photography is the biggest of its kind in...
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Look all accommodation capacities
  • Forester's Hut Mitrovac
    20 January 2013 by Ranko, in Објекти НП Тара
    Forester's Hut Mitrovac
    For business partners, colleagues, scientific associates and other visitors, the JP “National...
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  • Račanska Sljivovica Learning center
    20 January 2013 by Ranko, in Објекти НП Тара
    Račanska Sljivovica Learning center
    The old foresters’hut at Račanska Šljivovica is used by the JP „National Park Tara” and...
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